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Chair Warranty 2022

Direct customers of Cape products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for the following categories as noted below.

Cape’s warranty applies to the original purchaser ONLY with an original invoice. Warranty is immediately void once any Cape products are resold.

  • Metal Frames – 3 Years
  • Wood Frame – 2 year
  • Poly Shells – 1 year
  • Exposed Wood Components – 1 year
  • Upholstery – 1 year

This warranty does not cover:

  • Off Site Labor
  • Misuse or wear and tear
  • Upholstery materials
  • Laminate (warranted of the laminate company)
  • Product failure, damage or injury caused by:
    • unreasonable or abusive use
    • failure to provide necessary reasonable care
    • failure to follow maintenance guidelines
    • accident, tampering or negligence
    • unauthorized repairs
    • aftermarket changes to the product

Table Warranty 2022

Tables carry a 10 year warranty against any defects in material or construction. Warranty does not apply to damages resulting from transit, accident, alterations, misuse, tampering, negligence, abuse, normal wear or improper installation.

The following may not be warranted by Cape Contract Furniture, but by the supplying manufacturer if applicable:

  • Electric or hand crank adjustable base mechanisms not produced by Cape Contract.
  • Power / Data desk top electrical units.

Warranty does not apply to damages resulting from transit, accident, alterations, misuse, tampering, negligence, abuse, normal wear or improper installation. Repair and Replacement: We will repair or replace at our discretion those items that qualify under our stated warranties. Cape will expedite as quickly as possible every agreed-to repair or a replacement order. No repairs will be reimbursed without prior specific written authorization from Cape. The repair or replacement obligation will not exceed the original purchase price.

Products should be regularly cleaned and maintained on a periodic basis. Products should be inspected monthly for damage or stress incurred due to daily use. If an issue is found, contact Cape immediately and remove the item from use. Any warranty, both expressed and implied, is invalid if proper care and maintenance procedures have not been followed. Colour, grain, texture variations are a natural occurrence in materials due to age, species, and exposure to UV light. The mild colour variations are not covered under this warranty. If the item’s useful life expires, it must be handled as waste. Under the condition that the warranted product is returned to us promptly with an RMA number. Cape’s sole responsibility will be to repair or replace, at our discretion, products free of charge. All costs for labour, installation, removal from service and reinstallation due to warranty claims are the responsibility of the customer. Cape is not liable for costs associated with any of the aforementioned conditions. The warranty value is limited to the original price paid for the merchandise. Any refund extended will be issued as a credit on account. Repair or replacement of discontinued products will be at the discretion of Cape. The Cape warranty does not cover damages caused by stacking/ unstacking of chairs. No reimbursements for repairs made in the field will be allowed without prior written consent. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

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