Cape will use COM/COL upon request by a customer.

Orders will be accepted once the samples have been approved by Cape.

A minimum  8” x 8” memo sample must be sent to Cape Contract, freight prepaid for approval.

COM yardage listed in the prevailing pricelist is based on 54” roll widths and does not include repeats in patterns.

COL square foot requirements listed in the Cape prevailing pricelist does not take into account imperfections in the leather.

All COM/COL shipping to *Cape requires the following information on the export documents:

  1. Country of origin
  2. Content
  3. NAFTA certificate
  4. Woven or knit

Upholstering directions regarding fabric patterns must be provided to Cape in writing with your PO. If directions are not provided, Cape will apply COM at its discretion. Yardage requirements may vary depending on upholstering directions, fabric quality and pattern.



Cape Furniture

91 Citation Drive, Unit 8-10

Concord, Ontario Canada L4K 2Y8

Ph: 905.660.0611

Attn:  Customer Service


The customer must provide required yardage based on all the above variables. Production Lead time does not begin until COM/COL is received. Cape is not responsible for additional cost or lead time incurred as a result of COM/COL shortages. If more than 1 roll is required, please ensure add 1 extra yard per roll to account for any defects. Cape shall not be held liable for unsatisfactory results due to the use of upholstery unsuitable to our manufacturing methodology.

Any upholstery that is inadequate for production may be rejected by Cape.

Cape is not responsible for receipt of defective fabrics. While Cape inspects fabrics for imperfections, some are difficult to recognize. Cape cannot be responsible for defects, color inaccuracies, dye lot variations and other flaws. Any defects or flaws may require additional COM yardage and additional production time. Cape assumes no responsibility for the flammability of any COM. Customers are solely responsible for making sure that COM/COL applies with all applicable codes and regulations.

Cape cannot predict or be responsible for how upholstery wears in an installation setting. We will not be held responsible for wear, fading, stretching, unraveling seams or performance of any upholstery material. There is no warranty on COM/COL.

All COL hides must be properly rolled for shipment to Cape. Cape has the right to reject COL that is received folded as creases cannot be removed. Half hides are not acceptable as colour matching becomes an issue. All square footage requirements are based on usable footage. Additional COL may be requested depending on the shape and quality of the hide, holes, cuts or other imperfections. Excess COM/COL will not be stored or returned.

Customer is responsible for all freight charges including duties and brokerage fee’s for all COM/COL.

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